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Basic Products

Bespoke EPoS with countless features and flexibility

Bespoke EPoS with countless features and flexibility

ICRTouch's TouchPoint software is a reliable and robust EPoS solution that has been developed over the past 20+ years. Its intuitive interface is easy to use, helping businesses improve efficiency and productivity. Whether you're a small business or a large enterprise, TouchPoint can meet your needs effortlessly.


Intelligent business management software

TouchOffice Web is the perfect solution for businesses looking to gain real-time insight into their performance. With this powerful cloud-based tool from ICRTouch, you'll have complete control over your back-office management and reporting, allowing you to make intelligent decisions anytime, anywhere. Try TouchOffice Web today and take your business to the next level.

Add-On  Features

TouchTakeaway Logo

Fast food ordering via a mobile device

Looking to increase your revenue with online ordering for delivery or click and collect? Look further than TouchTakeaway! Our platform seamlessly integrates into your EPoS system, with 0% commission. Start boosting your sales today!

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The paperless solution to at-table order taking

PocketTouch is the perfect solution for businesses looking to streamline their ordering process and improve customer experience. With its intuitive hand-held EPoS software, you can empower your employees to take orders quickly and accurately, all while reducing mistakes and increasing table turnover. Say goodbye to paper and hello to a more efficient way of doing things with PocketTouch from ICRTouch.

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Efficient mobile stock management

ICRTouch's TouchStock is the perfect solution for businesses looking to streamline their stock management process. With its intuitive hand-held design, TouchStock makes counting stock, checking prices, scanning barcodes, and generating labels a breeze. Plus, it helps reduce mistakes and increase business efficiency. Try TouchStock today and take the pain out of stock management.

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An automated digital menu solution

Looking to save time and money while boosting sales? ICRTouch's TouchMenu solution can help! Replace printed menus with a digital display that highlights promotions and updates stock messaging. With automated menus, you'll be able to entice customers and increase sales in no time.

TouchKitchen Logo

Interactive kitchen management display

TouchKitchen is the perfect solution for restaurants looking to streamline their order management process. With our intuitive system, orders are neatly organised and displayed on a screen in the kitchen, eliminating the need for paper and printouts. From starters to dessert, our solution makes it easy to manage customer orders and revolutionise the your restaurant operates.

TouchStock Logo

A flexible solution to sell and manage tickets

Looking for a comprehensive ticketing solution that simplifies ticket sales? Look no further than our multi-channel system, which offers unlimited ticket types and intelligent reporting. With seamless integration into ICRTouch's EPoS ecosystem, you'll enjoy extra customization and a streamlined experience.


ConsultIT Integrations

Payment Solutions

Streamline payments at the till and online 

Integrate ICRTouch's ecosystem to offer fast and secure payments every time with an integrated terminal. Streamline your processes and improve the customer experience.



Save money on accountant fees

Save both time and money by integrating with the main accounts packages. Say goodbye to frustrating reporting and reconciliation and hello to easy tax filing, reduced administration hours, and minimized mistakes. Simply send your sales information directly from TouchOffice Web to your accounting package.


Online Orders

Get reports on all online orders

Connect your system with the main delviery services to have orders printed at the desired printers and watch as the orders are recorded and reportable on TouchOffice Web.


Room Charging

Streamline the checkout process

Guests can easily charge their bar/restaurant bills to their room. Hotel and other accommodation properties can share data with your ICRTouch till system for a streamlined checkout process.  

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